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Puppies and Posting

A litter of eight German Shepherd puppies has been keeping us busy for the last several weeks. They’re ever so cute, but boy are they full of shit. Literally. We haven’t been neglecting the Changers project, but we’ve neglected posting. This is a quick update. Feedback from a few of our beta readers is trickling in. […]

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Reality Check Number 1

We originally started this website to document our experiences in writing a book. It’s a way to share with anyone who wants to know, anyone who’s curious, and/or anyone who may be on the same journey. We also wanted to have a nice place to show off our talents, our personalities and a small part […]

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Editing Babeesty

Sometimes editing is a bitch. Damn! Even at this late stage in the game we’re finding issues with continuity and spelling. About spelling: Watch out for ‘global search and replace’. I think we really did have all the spelling issues covered. We’re good spellers, so all the spelling errors we found were either fat-fingering or […]

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A Fun Scene to Write

Someone said, “We need to have a scene where Curtis is confronted by the cops.” All righty then. Best get typing. The players in the Changers saga have to grow as the story progresses. Especially major players. Otherwise, they’d be boring. If Curtis started out as an insecure, weaselly, punk musician, and by the end of […]

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I’m in the Mode

We never actually have to be in the mood for writing. Writing is creating, and at least one of us is always in a creative mood. Whether it’s writing or painting, pencil drawing or making creatures out of clay or tinfoil, someone’s in the mood. However, we really feel like the tone – or the mode – […]

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Beta Readers

Yay, we found some beta readers and sent out semi-final drafts of Changers. And we’re still looking for more. Calling people beta readers, or beta testers – or beta anything – brings to mind a room full of people sitting around a huge table, all reading the book, taking notes, making red marks, and tapping […]

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Novel Writing Software

It was kind of a pain in the butt trying to write a book using Microsoft Word. It took about 20 minutes of writing to figure out that wasn’t the way to go. We figured there must be some book-writing software out there somewhere. So yeah, we looked around on the internet – how else? […]

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Editing the Manuscript

The manuscript – printing, reading and editing some more. Printing the manuscript was a task, to say the least. At almost 300 8 1/2 x 11 pages, not double-spaced, we had to stand by and wait for what seemed like eternity. When it was finally done, I thought I was holding gold in my hands. […]

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Stacks of Notes

“Write that down.” “It sucks.” “Write it down anyway. We might use it.” “I had this really bizarre dream last night.” “Did you write it down?” “Of course. I didn’t want to suffer the wrath.” “What, like I’m a slave driver?” “Did you write down that dream you told us about last month?” “I pieced […]