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Editing the Manuscript

The manuscript – printing, reading and editing some more. Printing the manuscript was a task, to say the least. At almost 300 8 1/2 x 11 pages, not double-spaced, we had to stand by and wait for what seemed like eternity. When it was finally done, I thought I was holding gold in my hands. […]

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Stacks of Notes

“Write that down.” “It sucks.” “Write it down anyway. We might use it.” “I had this really bizarre dream last night.” “Did you write it down?” “Of course. I didn’t want to suffer the wrath.” “What, like I’m a slave driver?” “Did you write down that dream you told us about last month?” “I pieced […]

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Getting it All Online

Changers. The book. We decided to go full force into our previous efforts to create an awesome story. We’ve written so much that needs organizing. We’ve talked about this story till we’re some-color-other-than-blue (because blue’s so cliche) in the face. So we have what we think is now a great story. If we didn’t think it […]