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The Book Was Better

“The book was better.” HA! It seems like there’s an over-abundance of prequels, sequels, and remakes coming out of Hollywood these days. (Can you believe they’re remaking Dirty Dancing?). In the last 20 years or so, Hollywood has been buying the rights to YA (young adult) books in hopes of bringing the characters to life. […]

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Problem Words?

As, ly, ing, turned, glanced, muttered, suddenly, looked, then. Bad, bad, BAD! It’s amazing how many problem words can creep into a super-awesome story. I asked, “Do you want to tighten things up?” “Of course,” they say. “Then stop resisting. Resistance is futile.” (Did I just say ‘then’?) It all depends on how a word […]

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Time is on Our Side

“He heard the knock on his bedroom door on Sunday morning. His parents didn’t care that he stumbled into bed at four-twenty or so Saturday morning.” Uh what? I thought we were talking about Sunday… We need a timeline. A physical, drawn out, organized timeline of the happenings in Changers. Too much happens in the […]