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Trains, Aliens and Radar Guns

Recently, we got stuck… we were discussing where to take a certain character in a certain scene, and one of us had a mind blowing idea. “What if we did this…!” Oh man, it was awesome! We started discussing twists, turns, and scenarios, talking over each other, each eager to share the newest thought. It […]

Heavy Breathing and Panic Attacks

The whole process of writing and publishing a book is hard. No, seriously. When someone says “I’m writing a book,” you might think, “Yeah, and?” It’s not easy. It’s very fucking hard. Sure, anyone can write a book. You can, your mom can, your best friend can. Hell even the creepy neighbor next door can write […]

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Relating To The Players

When I was a kid, I always thought when I became an adult, I would be this all-knowing, mature, cool person. I imagined all the asshole-ness of my childhood would be gone because I would be mature. I thought the ‘underdog me’ and the ‘cool kids’ would finally be on the same playing field. Adults are just big kids. […]


The Book Was Better

“The book was better.” HA! It seems like there’s an over-abundance of prequels, sequels, and remakes coming out of Hollywood these days. (Can you believe they’re remaking Dirty Dancing?). In the last 20 years or so, Hollywood has been buying the rights to YA (young adult) books in hopes of bringing the characters to life. […]

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Why Punks?

Why did we decide to use Punks in the story? Why are Punks one of the three main groups of players? Why Punks, of all the groups or cultures to choose from? Why choose Punks? “They were smokers and non-smokers, shy and outgoing, tattooed and pierced…or not. They sat, stood, crouched and knelt on chairs, benches, […]

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Chapter Chat

There came a time when we took a look at what we had named our chapters. The book-writing software we used made it easy to keep things organized. Looking back, it seems we may have taken for granted how easy it was to create new chapters, and create new scenes within the chapters. It was so […]

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More Than One Main Character

Can your book have more than one main character? That’s one of many questions we asked ourselves when writing Changers. A lot happens in Changers. The story is deep. But Changers is not a complicated story. The main player has to make a decision whether to kill the person she loves to save her own life. […]

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Problem Words?

As, ly, ing, turned, glanced, muttered, suddenly, looked, then. Bad, bad, BAD! It’s amazing how many problem words can creep into a super-awesome story. I asked, “Do you want to tighten things up?” “Of course,” they say. “Then stop resisting. Resistance is futile.” (Did I just say ‘then’?) It all depends on how a word […]