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Before the perimeter was established and the wall was built, the Changers fought a decade long war with the Punks. The two groups agreed to a fifty-year truce. Each lived within their own boundaries. The Punks provided human life to feed the Changers. The Changers remained outside the perimeter and absorbed no human on the inside.

For forty-five years, the Punks co-existed with the humans and held up their end of the bargain. Now, the prisons are nearly empty, humans are living in peace – and their numbers are growing.

The Changers have grown weary of relying on the Punks for food, and of waiting for the next trainload of sustenance. One Changer leads a mass human absorption inside The Perimeter. The Changers have crossed over.

The Punks recruit an elite team of humans to join them into the unknown: beyond The Perimeter, outside The Wall – Changers Territory. The Changers will again experience war. But the new generation of Punks is stronger, and they have nothing to lose.

Changers is a YA paranormal-urban fantasy. The adventure is complete at just over 90,000 words. We are currently editing.