They arrived average and ugly. They left as Changers – able to alter their appearance at will. Able to inflict pain, suffering and death on those who rejected them. Retribution by death – the prescription to live forever.


The first book.

Seventeen-year-old Krystal Peterson is living eternal life in the real world. Krystal is a Changer, and being a Changer has its benefits. You get to change your physical appearance to become one of the beautiful people, and you get to live forever. But there is a cost: to extend her life, Krystal must absorb another life. An innocent life.

The time has come for Krystal to pay the price that allows her to keep living. Unfortunately, she finds herself falling in love with Curtis Dyer, the very person whose life she must end to extend her own.

But Krystal is not the only Changer in the small Central California town of Exeter. Because there are others, people are disappearing. And investigating authorities are getting nowhere in their quest to find out why.

A group of local teens has lost friends and loved ones. Frustrated with the lack of progress from the authorities, the teens start an investigation of their own. Their amateur sleuthing leads them to the high-tech world of the Changers Organization, headquartered in an underground city in the Southern California desert. What their investigation reveals rocks their world.

The teens discover some of the people they once counted as friends are actually Changers. Desperate to find answers, they form an uncomfortable alliance with the Punks – Curtis Dyer’s crew – who have their own agenda against the Changers.

When Krystal joins the teens in their search for answers, everyone is suspect. Now, loyalties are questioned and the lines between life and death are blurred. Can the teens prove to themselves they have what it takes to go up against the powerful Changers Organization? Does Krystal have what it takes to kill the one she loves to save her own life?

Changers is a YA paranormal-urban fantasy. The adventure is complete at just over 89,000 words. It is the first book in a planned trilogy, the second of which is in progress. We are currently editing. Next step: finding an agent.