Heavy Breathing and Panic Attacks

The whole process of writing and publishing a book is hard. No, seriously. When someone says “I’m writing a book,” you might think, “Yeah, and?”

It’s not easy. It’s very fucking hard. Sure, anyone can write a book. You can, your mom can, your best friend can. Hell even the creepy neighbor next door can write a book. But then what?

Being this close to publication has really thrown us off a little. I mean, we’re this close! We’re super stoked, but at the same time wondering “now what?” Um, we go to publication. So when do we publish? Oh, the by the end of the year of course. Seems simple enough. We’ve still got two months. Wait…two months…? TWO MONTHS? Ok, we won’t panic. That’s not cool.

So heavy breathing and panic attacks aside, we’ll turn to our Handy, Dandy Google! (Admit it, you thought Notebook. Blue’s Clues really sticks with you.)

So for the next month, while one of us is editing, rewriting, and editing and rewriting some more, the other (me) will be researching. Asking questions like:

  • How to find the perfect book editor.
  • What’s an ISBN, and how do I get one of those?
  • What’s a book launch campaign?
  • Do I have to come up with the book cover?
  • Do we have any more 805 by Firestone Walker Brewing Company, Paso Robles, California?

You know, all the important stuff that needs to be answered. We’ve found some cool resources, guides, forums and mentors we’ll be telling you about in future posts. In the meantime, if you’ve got any tips, tricks or 805, let us know.

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