I’m in the Mode

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Juke Box, 1965 Rockola Starlight

We never actually have to be in the mood for writing. Writing is creating, and at least one of us is always in a creative mood. Whether it’s writing or painting, pencil drawing or making creatures out of clay or tinfoil, someone’s in the mood. However, we really feel like the tone – or the mode – matters.

Setting the mode is different from setting the mood. We like to have specific things within reach when we create. Depending on the mood, munchies are optional. Chips, M&Ms, peanuts or popcorn. A drink is never more than arm’s length away. A drink is essential. Cold beer, hot coffee, diet soda or ice water. One of these is always present. Call it a security blanket if you want, but that’s the way it is.

The must-have-never-create-without-it is music. That’s where the real variety comes into play. The mood for “what’s-on-your-iPod” varies like the wind. For the record, this isn’t an iPod family. We have iPods, but nothing beats the freedom of Android, satellite radio and the ever-faithful turntable. Right, the one that actually plays vinyl records. More often than you’d think, we fire up the 1965 Rockola jukebox.

In our house, at any given moment you could walk into Rancid-Transplants-Tim Armstrong; Led Zeppelin-Deep Purple-Doobie Brothers; Coldplay-Dreamers-AM Taxi-Young The Giant; Tyrone Davis-Tavares-Harold Melvin-The Spinners; or The Archies-Monkees-Partridge Family. It could be Ska, Punk, Indie, Alt, Rock, Pop or Steely Dan.

There’s always something on, but it’s the audio that matters, not the video. Nothing beats a cold beer on the table and some Tim Armstrong on the stereo. That’s the good mode.



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