Les. Taylor. Daisy.
The Beast. The Beauty. The ’71 Dart.

Might as well do what you want – some people will hate you no matter what.

Residing in the beautiful Central Valley of California, we both “work” for large corporations.

We also run a cool, retro, mid-century and vintage website called BLiPPEE. Plus, we sell cool vintage stuff in an etsy shop called RogueChangers. This shop helps provide new homes for some awesome vintage, retro and kitschy stuff.

The word “work” is used in quotations for a simple reason: First of all, we don’t consider what we do “work”. We like what we do. “Work” is what we do in our spare time to provide ourselves the means to do other things we love doing.

Yeah, some of that ties us to schedules and means we are accountable to someone else. But so what? You do what you have to do so you can do what you want to do! And the way we look at it, if you like what you do and it brings in the money, is it really “work”? Nah.

We’re both avid readers, with a preference toward the supernatural, and anything out of the ordinary. We love punk, alternative, indie, rock, retro, mid-century modern and everything kitschy.

So now, we’re also “working” on writing some books. Will any of them sell? Who knows. But we have one finished. That’s something not a lot of people can say they’ve actually done – written a book start-to-finish, with plot, scenes, multiple characters, fun, adventure, mystery, laughter and tears. We had fun with the first one and we’re still having fun.

We’re not in any of this specifically for “the money”. If we sell copies of our books, that’s cool. If not, it’s a hell of a ride! We’re having fun living life and doing whatever we want.