One of the biggest assets for any author, indie or traditional, is an email list. This is how you communicate with your reader fan base, how you promote your current books, upcoming books, signings, events, promotions, etc. An email list is a must. But how do you build one? Where do you start?

Need Help?

Need Help?

There are tons of articles out there on this exact topic. Just Googling “how to build an email list” turns up 24,900,000 results in just 0.67 seconds. Problem is, none of them go into specifics; the majority of these articles are very broad or vague. The articles say “do this… to get this….” But they don’t give you the most important piece of information: how.

Typically, this is how my thought process works when I read an article on this subject:

Article 1: Host an event and pass out business cards with your blog and social media information on it.

Me: Umm… ok… hmm… an event… what kind of event can I host? My book isn’t published yet, so it can’t be a release party. Ok, well, my interests… I like dogs and music, concerts, punk rock, ska, books… What kind of Punk Rock/Ska Dog Party Concert Social can I host? What would we even do? And who would I invite…

Article 2: Build reputable content on your blog and people will sign up for your email list!

Me: Huh, that’s simple. But I already have 50 articles and a new one posted every other day and still have zero followers…

Article 3: Offer free digital downloads on your website…

Me: See reaction above.

I think you get the idea. So after reading all the broad articles, if your thought process is anything like mine, you’re still wondering about the “how” in how to build an email list. Well finally it’s here. The article you’ve been waiting for that gives you the how.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll show you how to build your email list using the same tactics we use. We won’t hide our process from you, and we’ll tell you what we found that works, and what doesn’t work, or at least didn’t work for us.

Next week we’ll focus on step one of building an email list- Finding the Followers You Want and Need. We’ll share our strategies on making a list of potential followers, how we came up with that list, and how we go about determining which are the followers we want and need.

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